Job Description

Job Description for Steering Group Members


All members are equal partners and the individual skills, knowledge and views that each member brings to the group are recognised and equally valued.

Members will be representatives of a range of stakeholders to include:

  • Parents and carers
  • Parent/carer groups and independent sector groups
  • Schools and Early Years settings
  • Line management of SENDIASS Gloucestershire
  • County Council services for children and families
  • Health services for children and families
  • County Council partners


The written remit of the group covers:

  • The purpose of the group
  • Its aims
  • Membership
  • Meetings


Members will:

  • Support the work of SENDIASS Gloucestershire
  • Act in the best interests of the service as defined by the group
  • Bring to the group their own views and those of their agency or constituency
  • Identify and acknowledge with the group any conflict of interest
  • Give feedback to their own agency or constituency using appropriate channels
  • Do their best to attend each meeting & notify the ‘Chair’ if they cannot attend
  • Send someone else in their place if this is possible
  • Share membership with others if this has been agreed with the group
  • Do their best to read relevant material before and after meetings
  • Be given help to access meetings and relevant material if it is needed
  • Claim expenses as agreed in the written remit of the group


Members will not:

  • Act solely in the specific interests of their own agency or constituency or of themselves


The Steering Group has a role to play in helping the County Council to improve outcomes for children. In order to do this, members will use their individual and/or agency or constituency knowledge to help the Steering Group to:

  • Identify good practice
  • Raise issues and problems
  • Identify gaps in services
  • Pass on this information to relevant agencies and relay it to their own agencies or constituencies


SENDIASS Gloucestershire will:

  • Support members to carry out their responsibilities
  • Provide help to access meetings (venues, materials, formats)
  • Be available to members to discuss issues and problems
  • Try to keep written material to a minimum
  • Process expenses claims as soon as possible


The Job Description has been approved by the SENDIASS Gloucestershire Steering Group.