Independent Support

Supporting you through the Education, Health & Care Plan process

We can offer free & impartial help if:

  • Your child/young person has a statement of educational needs as they transfer on to an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Your child/young person has educational needs that are not being met within school/college or nursery and you would like them to be assessed for an EHCP
  • You are a young person with a Statement of Educational Needs or a Learning Disability Assessment (LDA) and will be transforming to an EHCP

Tailored support to meet your needs by:

  • Supporting parent/carers and young people to have your views heard and to ensure the aspirations of children and young people are at the core of the plan
  • Helping parent/carers and young people to understand the EHCP process
  • Supporting parent/carers and young people to gather information for the transfer meeting
  • Ensure parent/carers, children and young people are engaged in decisions from the outset
  • Support you to complete forms particularly if this is difficult for you because of disability or literacy difficulties or if English is not your first language

Parents/Carers and Young People (14+) can contact us directly or professionals can refer via:

Carers Gloucestershire – Independent Support Coordinator Lisa Davenport

Freephone: 0300 111 9000    Email:

Open the leaflet here: Independent Support Leaflet


Independent Support is funded by the Department for Education and is being delivered in Gloucestershire by Carers Gloucestershire alongside SENDIASS Gloucestershire. It is independent, impartial, free and confidential.


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