EHCP Transfer Review Meeting

Frequently asked questions to help you feel prepared


What is an EHCP Transfer Review Meeting?

You may be aware that the Government has introduced a new SEN Code of Practice (July 2014 further amended January 2015). There are no longer going to be Statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and these are being replaced by Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

We are required to hold a review for all of our pupils who have a Statement of SEN to consider the transformation of that Statement to an EHCP. The Government has given Local Authorities until April 2018 to complete this process and has set guidance regarding a timetable for this (‘Transition to the new 0 – 25 special educational needs and disability system’ guidance, updated March 2015).

We will contact you to let you know the date and time we propose to hold an EHCP Transfer Review meeting for your child (if we have sent you this information sheet with a letter confirming that we are starting the EHCP Transformation process for your child, details will be included in that letter).

The EHCP Transfer Review meeting will take the place of the usual Annual Review meeting for your child this year and will focus on identifying needs and outcomes (the positive differences wanted from across all areas of your child’s life such as education, health and care) to be included in the new EHCP.

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 What information will the Local Authority be seeking about my child prior to the meeting?

In order to ensure that our new EHCPs are based on up to date information about your child we will request new reports from the following (where necessary you will be asked separately by the professional to give permission for them to do this):

• You as Parent/Carers
• The educational placement your child currently attends
An Educational Psychologist employed by the Local Authority
An Advisory Teacher employed by the Local Authority
• Social Care professionals working with your child
• Health professionals working with your child

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Where is an EHCP Transfer Review meeting likely to be held?

Usually these meetings are held at your child’s school unless there are specific reasons for this not being possible.

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Who is likely to attend?

Someone from your child’s school, usually the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), class teacher or teaching assistant. Other professionals that are involved with your child, or have been involved in providing the up to date reports on your child for the Transformation process may also attend. Someone representing the Local Authority will chair the meeting.

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Can I bring someone with me for support?

Yes of course, but please let the school know in advance so they can make any necessary arrangements. This is also free, impartial and independent service for parents of a child with a Statement of SEN as they transfer to an EHCP. You may like to request that someone from Independent Support attends the meeting with you and if so please contact:

Gloucestershire Independent Support – Telephone 0300 111 9000 or email: or

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Does my child have to attend?

This is a meeting about your child and everyone would hope that your child can attend for all or part of the meeting. If your child does not want to attend, would find being at a meeting difficult or uncomfortable, then their views will have been taken beforehand so that they can be shared at the meeting. Please discuss and agree with your school who will do this in advance of the meeting.

If your child would like independent support or advocacy to attend or play a part in this meeting then this can be arranged through Gloucestershire Independent Support – see above for contact details

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How can my child share his or her views?

‘My Profile’ documents are available which are helpful ways of children and young people sharing what is important to them and what helps or does not help them when it comes to support. ‘My Profile’ templates are available to download and use on . Whatever way, those who know your child well, including you, feel is the best way for your child to share their views is acceptable. The School and the professionals who will be providing reports for the process will also be seeking the views of your child as part of the process.

If your child would like someone to help them share their views independently then this can be arranged through Gloucestershire Independent Support – see above for contact details

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What usually happens at a Transfer Review meeting?

The first part of the meeting will be a brief review of what has been happening for your child since the last Annual Review of the Statement. It will also be the opportunity for your child to share their views or for their views to be shared (see above).

The focus of the meeting is to agree what outcomes (positive differences) that should be set for an agreed period, e.g . over the coming 12 months or a phase of education. This is a really important part of the meeting where information about what is important to your child, needs to be part of the decisions made.
The meeting will then look for ideas about how best to achieve the outcomes identified. This is where information about what helps and does not help your child needs to support the suggestions made.

Following the meeting the information will be compiled by a member of the EHCP Transformation Team into a draft plan and this will be sent to you and the professionals who have been involved for consideration. Along with the Draft Plan you will be sent copies of all the reports received that have contributed to the EHCP Transformation.

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If my child has a Statement of SEN will they automatically receive an Education, Health and Care Plan at the end of the Transformation meeting?

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a statutory plan which is replacing Statements of SEN (as part of the Children & Families Act 2014). However, an EHCP will only be issued when there is continuing evidence that extra resources need to be provided by the Local Authority because a child’s educational needs cannot be met within the resources normally available within his or her education setting.

As part of the Transfer Review meeting, if there is evidence that your child’s educational needs can be met within the resources available at his or her education setting without additional funding from the Local Authority, then there will be a discussion around if it would now be more appropriate for your child to have a My Plan+ or a My Plan, which will set out the continued support in school without the need for a full EHCP. This possibility should, however, have been discussed with you prior to the meeting so you will be aware of the progress that has been made by your child and can contribute to this discussion fully. Please be reassured that everyone will be working in your child’s best interests. A decision not to issue an EHCP does not mean that all support for your child will end. The educational setting, health and care will continue to provide support as required. The only difference would be that the additional amount of funding received from the Local Authority would stop because your child’s needs can be met without it.

If the Local Authority does decide to cease the current Statement of SEN and not to continue to transfer to an EHCP and you don’t agree with that decision you will have a right to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (SEND). The Local Authority will offer independent mediation as a first step. There is more information about the Tribunal and mediation on the Local Offer 

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Where can I get more help or advice regarding the EHCP Transformation process?

1. You can talk to the SENDCO at your child’s educational setting.
2. You can contact the EHCP Transformation Team e-mail
3. There is also free, impartial and independent service for parents and children/young people with a Statement of SEN as they transfer to an EHCP.
Gloucestershire Independent Support – Telephone 0300 111 9000 or email: or

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