EHCP Transfer Review Meeting – Agenda

Please allow up to a maximum of 2 hours for this meeting although in many cases it will be possible to conclude the meeting within a shorter time frame.


Step 1: Welcome and Introductions


Step 2: Brief review of child/young person’s progress etc over past 12 months


Step 3: Child or Young Persons’ views

• To include what is important to the Child/Young Person, how they are feeling and what if anything they would like to change. ( If they do not want to attend the meeting or need support to do this their views should be gathered beforehand)


Step 4: Is there evidence to support the need to transform to an EHCP?

• If it is agreed that the identified special educational needs can now be met from within the school’s delegated resources, the EHCP transformation will not continue, and the meeting will be used to support the development of a “My Plan”/”My Plan+” as appropriate.

• If the recommendation is that the current Statement of SEN should transfer to an Education Health and Care Plan the meeting will continue to Step 5 below.


Step 5: Discussion to support process of Transfer to an EHCP

• Are all the necessary reports available?

• Developing and agreeing outcomes – rank outcomes already suggested by those involved, identify any further outcomes, confirm clear outcomes for inclusion in the Draft Plan

• Identifying actions required and by whom to meet agreed outcomes


Step 6: Placement review:

• Does the current level of educational support in school remain appropriate?

• Change of placement request or phase transfer (e.g. Primary to Secondary)


Step 7: Summary of what happens next and conclusion of meeting