Changes to EHCP Transformation Process and Timeline

With effect from the 1st September 2015 the DfE has issued revised “Transition to the new 0-25 special educational needs and disability system Departmental Advice for local authorities and their partners”.

A copy of this new advice can be found here Departmental Advice and the changes to the EHCP Transformation process can be found in Chapter 5.  The main change is the EHCP Transformation process has been extended to a two stage process to be completed in 20 weeks


  1. When will the changes to the process and timeline take effect:

As from January 2016

The Local Authority will be implementing the changes to the timelines and processes as from October 2015 for EHCP Transformation Review meetings scheduled after the beginning of January 2016 as detailed below.


For EHCP Transformation Reviews already scheduled from September 2015 to the end of December 2015

For EHCP Transformation review meetings during this period the EHCP Transformation process and timeline will remain as it is now – i.e. a 14 week process.  We are unable to move to the new process for these reviews as we do not have the “lead time” required by the revised process in which to meet the “deadlines” for both Stage One and Stage Two as detailed below

However,  in order to ensure Parent/Carers have time to fully consult regarding any concerns over the Draft EHCP when it is issued  we will, where requested in individual cases,   extend the time between the issue of the Draft Plan to the issue of the Final Plan to 5 weeks to match the new process – see below


  1. What is the new two stage process?

Stage One

Two weeks prior to when the EHCP process is planned to start the LA is required to give at least 2 week notice to the Parent/Carers and the child’s school. 

In order to meet this requirement the LA will  write to the Parent/Carers (copied to School, Educational Psychology Service, Advisory Teaching Service, Case Responsible Officers (Prospects) Health and Social Care  to confirm:

  • that we intend to initiate the EHCP Transformation process in 14 days time and to provide information on the process itself (FAQ leaflet) and notify them of their rights to appeal regarding this
  • the date, time and venue of EHCP Transfer Review meeting
  • that a copy of the letter has also been sent to  School, EPS, ATS, Health, Social Care as potential advice givers to ask them to consider “the sufficiency of any existing advice”.  (This will enable professionals to determine if they will need to provide updated advice to support the EHCP Transformation process when it is initiated.)  Parent/Carers will be informed that where advice givers propose to  write new advice they will discuss this with Parent/Carers directly


Stage Two

The 18 week Transformation Process:

  • Week 1: The EHCP Team will send a letter to Parent/Carers and potential advice givers to confirm process has now started and requesting new advice or an Analysis of current/previous Assessment(s) to support the process
  • Week 8: Deadline for advice/AOA’s from all parties
  • Week 11: EHCP Transformation Review held
  • Week 13: Deadline for Draft EHCP to be issued
  • Week 18: Deadline for Final EHCP to be issued


For further information please contact Jane Kilby – Lead EHCP Transformation Officer

Phone: 01452 583601